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IF-09G-S-L BP SO-239 Chassis Mount Female Solder-Type UHF Connector for Ham Radio | WiredCo IF-07-DSN-IP God Center Pin
UHF MALE connector 884645115486 PL-259, gold Digital Display Audio Cables DC 0-30V Blue LED Voltage Voltmeter | WiredCo DC Dual Voltmeter Ammeter Blue Red LED < 100VDC, 10A Digital Audio | WiredCo
SMA Antenna  Yaesu Digital Display DC 0-30V LED 3-Voltage Voltmeter 16A 12V LED Light Car, RV, Go Kit Round Rocker ON/OFF SPST Switch
Plato Model 170 DC Power Extension Cord Cable for LED Light or Security Camera 10ft 2.1x5.5mm | WiredCo Blue display LED Voltmeter
Pair of bananas Speaker banana plug gold pin. Part 201203RD CRIMP-ON PL259 MALE RG8X Silver Plated Teflon
Digital DT-9205A Multimeter DMM LCD AC/DC Volts, Ohms & Capacitance Tester | WiredCo Alligator Crocodile CRIMP-ON PL259 MALE RG8 Silver Plated Teflon 50 ohms
BAOFENG Amatuer Antenna Retevis RHD-701 7.87in 2.1Dbi Female SMA Antenna  Baofeng or woxum Chinese SMA Antenna Male Yaesu short 7.80"
Digital DC 12V-24VDC LED USB DUAL FAST CHARGING and voltage reading 3.2a Charge your Phone USB C FAST 20 INCH Alligator Crocodile TEST LEADS 10 LOT large Digital Display Clock Blue LED  in dash Car Ham Radio Go Kit, RV
RSP-CS11113 2.1mm power connector LCD DC Power display LED Voltmeter Alligator Crocodile TEST LEADS WITH banana