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IF-09G-S-L BP SO-239 Chassis Mount Female Solder-Type UHF Connector for Ham Radio | WiredCo IF-07-DSN-IP God Center Pin
UHF MALE connector 884645115486 PL-259, gold Digital Display Audio Cables DC 0-30V Blue LED Voltage Voltmeter | WiredCo DC Dual Voltmeter Ammeter Blue Red LED < 100VDC, 10A Digital Audio | WiredCo
SMA Antenna  Yaesu Digital Display DC 0-30V LED 3-Voltage Voltmeter 16A 12V LED Light Car, RV, Go Kit Round Rocker ON/OFF SPST Switch
Digital Display Clock Nixie color LED  in dash Car HamRadio Go Kit, RV Plato Model 170 DC Power Extension Cord Cable for LED Light or Security Camera 10ft 2.1x5.5mm | WiredCo
Blue display LED Voltmeter Pair of bananas CRIMP-ON PL259 MALE RG8X Silver Plated Teflon
Digital DT-9205A Multimeter DMM LCD AC/DC Volts, Ohms & Capacitance Tester | WiredCo Alligator Crocodile Square ac voltmeter
CRIMP-ON PL259 MALE RG8 Silver Plated Teflon 50 ohms Amatuer Antenna Retrevis RHD-771 BAOFENG Amatuer Antenna Retevis RHD-701 7.87in 2.1Dbi
Female SMA Antenna  Baofeng or woxum Chinese SMA Antenna Male Yaesu short 7.80" Digital DC 12V-24VDC LED USB DUAL FAST CHARGING and voltage reading 3.2a Charge your Phone USB C FAST
Alligator Crocodile TEST LEADS Digital Display Clock Blue LED  in dash Car Ham Radio Go Kit, RV