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From our humble beginnings in the heart of the computer revolution to our current global presence, you may also read about the thousands and thousands of not simply satisfied but completely thrilled customers here.

We have been Electronics Service Technicians for over 30 years. Roger started his own TV Repair Shop in 1964, Then, on to start a mail-order computer supply house in the late 1980’s which was sold in 2001. Kim went to work at Pacific Bell right after high school in the mid-70’s, She then started Wired Communications in 1984. The combined forces of Kim & Roger Deane has created Wired Communications, your online cable source . Specialist in Home Theater, HDTV, Telephone Systems, Computer Network Wiring and Whole House Audio-Video cabling. Selling on eBay as user I.D. rogerdeane, here on this Website, and at various "meets" around the Southwest. You may contact me directly at roger@wiredco.com for any questions, help, kudos, or complaints. I'd love to hear from you!

At times, I will have the one-of-a-kind collectable, vintage, or just hard to get electronic item up on eBay or out at one of our shows. I suggest you check out my eBay store when you get the chance.

Wired Communications pays a visit to at least 4 Ham Radio and Electronics Swap meets a month! We frequent the "TRW" Ham radio meet every last Saturday of the month in Los Angeles, Ca. and the Scottsdale Scouts "ElectronicFest" Swapmeet right here in Scottsdale, Arizona every third Sunday. We try to make every other Amateur Radio meet in Arizona whenever they occur, the ACP Computer Meet in Santa Ana, Ca. and many others. If you'd like us to know about a special meet in your area, please let us know. I come to the Pacific Northwest once a year in March, the Bay Area of California during nice weather and certain other electronics meets in the Southwest. Hope to see one of you at one of my shows in the future!

Don't take our word for it - check our eBay feedback... 100% positive after 25,000+ transactions! Also, you may read our testimonials right here on this site.

Two Year Warranty on all new products! I promise every new item to be fully functional for a period of two years! Any cable assembly, connector, video adaptor or network cable will be replaced at NO charge