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10A10 10 Amp 1000V 10A 1KV Axial Rectifier Diode Socket for G4 type LED or Halogen Electronic Micrometer caliper LCD digital Display 100MM
A 10A10 10 Amp 1000V 10A 1KV Axial Rectifier Diode. Common replacement for many rectifiers in new and vintage equipment • Eco-friendly and no lead. High voltage and good performance. Low forward voltage drop. Low reverse leakage current. High current capability 10Amps MR16 MR11 G4 LED Light Socket with Wires
These Electronic micrometers are 100% brand new and of high quality. With a nice LCD display which is powered by an included LR44 battery. You may zero setting at any position. Measuring Range is 0 up to 100mm (0-4") Provides clear readings which can be displayed in either inch or millimeter format. Great for checking tolerances on screws, connectors, parts. Making jewelry and so much more!
* Measuring range: 0–100 mm.
* Resolution: 0.1mm/ 0.01 in.
* Repeatability: 0.1mm/ 0.01 in.
* Accuracy: + 0.2 mm/ 0.01 in Maximum measurement
* Speed: 1m/s
* Battery Power: 1 x 1.5V SR44 (silver oxide cell)
* Battery life: 1 year for continuous usage / 3 years under normal intermittent use
* Size: 245x 80 x 15mm Package
DIY Kit QRP Pixie CW Transmitter-Receiver 7.026 Mhz 40M Radio with Case
Deluxe Ethernet Network Cat5 RJ45 16 LED + Coax Cable Tester