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SO-239 UHF N Connector Ham Amateur Radio Bulkhead (Nickel) Hex Nut | WiredCo 200-198 SO-239 Chassis Mount Female Solder-Type UHF Connector for Ham Radio | WiredCo
IF-07-DSN-IP UPC 884645115332 UHF Female Jack to BNC Male Plug 200-872
UHF male to BNC Male Adapter 200-750, 884645115783 UHF Adapter m/f adapter right angle PL-259
SMA Female Jack female SO-239 UHF RG316 50 ohm RG316 Coax Cable for Ham Radio | WiredCo 6" UHF SO239 Female SO-239 Jack to SMA Female Plug Pigtail Jumper Cable RG316 for Ham Radio | WiredCo SO-239 Female Jack to male UHF RG316 50 ohm Ham Radio Cable extension