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1/2" acid flux brush High-Precision Portable Digital Battery-Operated Jewelry Scale Lands Rachet Crimper Tool For PL-259 Crimp Style Connectors
All sorts of uses for these 12-Pc Acid Brush Set constructed with metal tubular handles for additional durability for the toughest of jobs. They are 1/2"-Inch width and have a 6" long handle. This brush set were originally used for applying acid flux to do soldering say on plumbing. This acid brush set is made with durable horsehair which can handle glue, flux and even oil to grease up machines. Prefect for any work shop or for arts and crafts! They are also great for cleaning various mechanical parts, for applying glue, paint etc.
• 12-Pc Set
• Total Length: 6”
• Brush Width: 3/4”
• Deluxe Horse Hair Bristle
• 6" Metal Handle
High-Precision Portable Digital Battery-Operated Jewelry Scale This High Precision Digital Mini Portable Scale is ideal for jewelry stores, shops, etc. This scale has the ability to be more precise and accurate. It can provide more accurate weight than other economic scales. It has a backlit LCD screen display. This jewelry electronic scale can automatically lock the reading when it is stable. It is also has low power consumption and automatically switch off when it is not in use. This unique design is completely different from conventional scales, and it has a wide variety of uses.
* Easy Operation
* Easy-to-read Backlit LCD Display
* Weighs in 6 different units:
grams (g), ounces (oz), troy ounces (oz t), pennyweight (dwt), carat (ct), grain (gn)
* Portable Mini design
* Protective carry sleeve
Power off Mode Auto Powers off in 3 Minutes
Operation Temperature 10-30 °C
Back Light Blue Backlight
Power 2x AAA Batteries INCLUDED
Size 3.90x3.46x0.98 " (99x88x25mm)
Weight 0.56 Lbs
Size of stainless steel pan 1.34x1.34x0.19 " (34x34x5mm)
Tare Function
Automatic alarm for low battery

Tool is for crimping our silver PL-259 connectors WPS-195, WPS-240, RG58, RG59, RG62, RG-174 This tool is a must for electricians, professional installers and do-it-yourself ham radio users. Can do the small center pin as well when needed. Common part number for this tool is DL-801, DL-801GK, DL-801K and DL801GK.