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CR2032, 3V/320mA, Lithium, Coin Cell, Battery 2032, watch, cmos, games, medical LED RETROFIT fluorescent tube light 48"
A common battery for computer, medical, watch, calculator and so many other uses. 3 Volts at 320mA. 10 year shelf life.

This clear polycarbonate LED tube light is the best replacement for the old-fashioned T12, T8, F32T8 & FO32 fluorescent lighting. The Ballast-bypass means there's no need for an existing ballast, it gets directly wired into the 120VAC or 220VAC power source. The connection is made at each end, it's easy! This 50,000hr 22W LED emits double the lumens of the regular glass tube, emits NO UV radiation, Clean RFI which means no interference on the radio! Uses almost half the energy, saving you electricity and money throughout the years. Not to mention you may not need to replace it for like 15 years! Silent, no more buzzing!

• Instant-on to full brightness; no warm-up required

• Features the standard G13 medium bi-pin base -same as your common 4 foot tubes have

• Use with non-shunted or shunted lampholders (tombstones)

• Voltage range: 120, 204, & 240

• Replaces T12/T8 tubes

• Clear lens (Frosted available in larger quantities)

• UL listed