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255-036 BNC Male to Female Right Angle Antenna or Video Adapter Nickel BNC Coupler Female Jack to Jack Barrel, Nickel
Male DVI-D to Female HDMI Digital HDTV Video Adapter HDMI Switcher Electronic Manual/Automatic 3-Way Switch 3D, 4K and 1080P HDMI to VGA Female Video Adapter Stereo
Mac Mini DisplayPort Male to HDMI Female Adapter, White PC DISPLAYPORT Male-to-Female 3.5mm Stereo Right-Angle Adapter for Speakers, Earbuds
3.5mm Male connector, Nickel solder 201423 HDMI Active Splitter
HDMI to VGA Female Video Adapter Stereo set of rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Stereo earphone or ear buds. 3 in 1 Hub Type C Male USB 3.1 to USB-C 1080p HDMI Female Adapter MacBook